10 Ideas for Boosting Engagement with Instagram Video 

 March 22, 2022

Instagram Video

While the benefits of creating Instagram videos for advertising your products and services are limitless, the real challenge that most advertisers face is that of creating impactful videos in the first place. Unfortunately, creating influential videos is not as easy as it may seem. Advertisers must do meticulous research and have sufficient expertise before they start their journey of video marketing on Instagram.

Additionally, there are several elements that you need to consider when building robust video advertising strategies. Here are ten ideas for creating a powerful video marketing strategy to ultimately boost engagement on your Instagram. 

1. Produce Content that is Does Not Require Switching Apps  

You may use videos to tease or promote material on your website on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and persuade visitors to click through for further information. You can’t share a link in an Instagram post, however. You can drive traffic to a URL in your bio, but Instagram users like to absorb content directly from the feed and scroll endlessly. 

As a result, every video you make should be platform-friendly. You can still direct people to a URL in your profile bio to learn more. However, they shouldn’t have to close the Instagram app every time they want to see your content.

2. Look Into Your Color Scheme  

Your Instagram feed and content alike will shine significantly if you use a unified color scheme. Because your Instagram profile is a reflection of your brand, it’s essential to select a color scheme that complements your corporate colors. This is a great way to maximally attract your potential customers and ensure that they are around when you publish new content. The more elegant you present yourself, the better chance you will have at building long-term followers. 

3. Use Imagery That Is Artistically Brilliant

Instagram is a photo-sharing/ visual app. Aesthetics are vital; thus, make sure your video contains artistically-pleasing imagery. Make use of a premium quality Instagram video editor to utilize some of the most impeccable features and special effects to give your video a smooth finish. 

4. Create Posts on Relevant Social Holidays 

Consider social holidays as a source of motivation. National Puppy Day, International Day of Friendship, and National Coffee Day are just a few of the entertaining social holidays to commemorate each month. This is an excellent approach to adding something new to the plate and engaging well with your audience. 

Add one of these social celebrations to your content planner for a unique and exciting post whenever one of these occasions coincides with the type of content you share on Instagram.

5. Include a HASHTAG Video Series Once Every Two Weeks  

If you really want to upload videos on a routine basis, creating a series wherein you release a specific type of video content on designated days of the week is a simple method to stay engaging and fun. For example, you could start a #MotivationMonday or #ProTipTuesday series where you provide a tip or quote pertaining to your brand, industry, specialty, or field of expertise every second week that same day. Small but prominent such initiatives are always a catch when it comes to creating deeper relations with your followers.

6. Use Instagram Stories to Interact With Your Audience

Because Instagram stories are simpler to see than generic posts that you publish on your feed, they are a terrific approach to engage with the audience on a frequent basis. 

Moreover, they include the capacity to maintain the sequence so that your followers can access the presentations at the top of your page at any time.

7. Make instructional or Explainer videos 

Explainer videos are indeed a fantastic way of showing your consumers the value of your products and services, the rationale behind your company’s actions, and even the amount of time or effort that certain quality components demand. Explainer videos thus are great in terms of educating your users on your products and services. It gives brands a real opportunity to establish greater connections with their consumers. Moreover, it also boosts customer satisfaction as a whole. 

8. Optimize User-Generated Content

Play around with videos that were posted by your audience. User-generated videos are excellent for acquiring new viewers’ trust. The remainder of your followers will be encouraged if your consumers appreciate your products and services and can post their real-life experiences centered on them. It’s also a technique to create content with little effort or time on your end.

9. Get Ideas From Past Campaigns

If you’re having trouble coming up with engaging video content ideas, take a look at your most recent marketing efforts and develop a shortlist of elements that your fans identify your company with. Demonstrate your difference with a few videos so that your viewers ensure recalling.

10. Create Time-lapse videos

Show your audience what happens behind the scenes of creating your videos. Inviting your viewers behind the scenes is among the most powerful techniques for building trust, presenting a much less refined (and more personal) version of your brand, and maintaining a loyal customer base. Many companies still don’t reveal most of their behind-the-scenes effort, which is sensible given the risk of having your ideas violated if you show too much.

Here’s where time-lapse videos come in handy. You can demonstrate a small fraction of what you do behind the scenes by speeding it up rather than coming up with an elaborate strategy to present your workflows without disclosing too much.

Bottom Line

Lack of ideas, as well as a lack of means to achieve results, are two of the most common reasons for not getting started with creating your Instagram video content. These are some of the most unique yet excellent ideas that you can explore. Research sufficiently to create remarkable Instagram videos that stick with your audience.

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