10 reasons to hire storage tents 

 March 7, 2022

When it comes to expanding your business with new developments and new operating space, there’s no better way to balance growth and risk than to incorporate long-term or temporary storage tents. in your long-term business strategy.

At schupepe, with a multitude of temporary construction projects, we have seen on many occasions, companies being able to extend their activities and develop them while limiting costs and risk taking.

These ten reasons to use the storage tent , long-term or temporarily, come from feedback from our customers.

1. Low investment

Whether you rent or buy long-term or temporary storage marquees, the investment is low compared to a permanent structure . Some customers have quoted up to less than 70% upfront costs when purchasing. Monthly rental, which is often quite low, also frees up operational budgets as opposed to capital expenditures.

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2. Flexible investment

Most financing options are flexible with storage or temporary tents. Monthly or quarterly rental, outright purchase, rental to purchase, purchase of options and sometimes rental-purchase.

3. Low financial risk

Leases are the least risky financial option. You commit for a certain period of time, then return the building or extend the contract. Buying direct also offers the option of selling the building when you’re done, often to the vendor or on the open market. Both options, but especially leasing, literally give you the ability to quickly scale up and down depending on any fallout or other external factors.

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4. Faster return

Storage or temporary marquees are quick to supply and install . Depending on the more or less specific and tailor-made request, we have stock or manufacture in our workshops. The deadlines are close to weeks and not months. Once delivered to site, the storage structure takes less than a week to install. If you are expanding for growth reasons, it will show up much faster on your bottom line.

5. Healthier return

Not only will the return of growth opportunities be quick, but given the low initial investment, this solution will bring you a quick and profitable result to reinvest in your business.

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Long-term storage marquee

6. Under one roof

Tent hire Auckland makes it very easy and quick to store and store under one roof , yours. You obviously need space on site to start with, but if you want to calculate the additional costs associated with renting offsite (fuel, time, inventory control, security, etc.) then there is no easier, cheaper or risk-free way than to choose this temporary storage solution.

7. In anticipation

A temporary staging space on site is ideal for testing new products, processes or systems before committing investment and other long-term resources. Fixes and improvements can be implemented and costly mistakes avoided before any major changes are incorporated into a long-term business strategy.

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8. Minimal disruption

Because the method of setting up a temporary building is quick and easy, there is usually little or no disruption to daily operations during setup . This means there is no risk of downtime or continued disruption associated with a longer-term construction project.

9. Leave your competitors behind

Many business opportunities need a quick response. Some tenders, new orders, or customers may require evidence of additional operational or storage space in order to win the contract . Installing a temporary marquee in a matter of weeks could make all the difference in winning a lucrative tender or a new client and staying ahead of the competition.

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10. Use Space

A temporary building is great for generating value from unused space on your site . And, if the building is removed at some point, there will be little evidence of its existence, so the space can very easily be used to generate value in other ways.

There is no doubt that marquees are ideal for managing growth at a lower cost and without risk.

There is a wide choice of layout and adaptation options for storage tents. The various specifications and designs provide basic weather protection through an insulated structure and many other options. Tents are suitable for most storage and operating needs.

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These advantages are all the more important as the markets change more and more quickly and as your strategic reactivity must constantly adapt.

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