20% of Americans Get Refunds under Settlement with Cash Advance Payday Lender 

 March 13, 2022

Online loan availability has become a popular option within the last decade. Most traditional banks and loan providers have moved their activities into an online format. Compared to banks and credit unions, online lenders can offer better rates on savings accounts and bank products. Why? They simply don’t have to support any physical infrastructure.

Better interest rates aren’t the only advantages to enjoy by American borrowers. Online lending makes it more convenient to get a cash advance loan.

Direct Application with an Online Lender

Today, borrowers can apply for a cash advance – payday loans on their bank. Loan providers have enough resources to make fast and efficient decisions. If the borrower already has a credit account, the borrower can get a faster decision or more characteristics.

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The chances of borrower’s approval may get slightly higher when it comes to a loyal customer with a stable income and smooth credit past. Direct lenders may look at the applicant’s history alongside their credit score to understand how good the applicant is with debt.

When applying for an online loan from a lender, it is important to qualify for better rates based on available past history. This can also be a great chance for people who are making timely payments while still developing their credit.

Cash Advance Situation in Pennsylvania

The residents of Pennsylvania who borrow money years ago will receive refunds to keep their loan balances closed in a settlement announced by the federal government. Some direct lenders were reported to violate the state law after charging more than a $100 “monthly participation fee” to borrow money through a line of credit. In this context, an annual interest rate is estimated at 6%.


Cash advance practices adversely affect vulnerable consumers https://www.instantcashtime.com/1-hour-loans/ . They often force them into a debt cycle from which many cannot recover. Direct lenders don’t admit any wrongdoing in the settlement. However, they are intended to cover $8 million in restitution to customers and to write off $12 million in loan repayment scheme.

The deliberate business decision has been pending in Pennsylvania since 2007. It aims to reduce long-term legal costs in a market where our company no longer manages business.

Customers will be identified through the company’s records. They will get a claim form from the attorney general. The submitted claim form must be filed to get restitution, though all unpaid balances will be closed regardless of having a claim filed or not.


Cash advance loans have been a theme in Pennsylvania. They aren’t outlawed, but they aren’t provided at storefronts as they are in other states. State law covers interest rates on small loans at about 24%, which is low enough to make them profitable.

In 2021, there were several legislative attempts to modify the federal law. This has been done to bring lending services back to Pennsylvania within the next few years. The industry keeps forbidding the further actions to be taken by lawmakers.

Loan Repayments by American Borrowers

Thanks to direct lending, American borrowers need to give up on their loan payments. They can do everything online without leaving the comfort of their home. Autopay features make this even more convenient. Borrowers can ensure they never skip or ignore a payment by setting up autopay.


Moreover, some loans provide borrowers with small discounts and low interest rates on their loans. Federal student loans can be taken as an excellent example.

American borrowers should keep balancing their virtual checkbook to ignore overdraws. They can request overdraw protection characteristics from their bank to minimize accidental overdraws when autopay is on.

Summing Up

Automation can help direct lenders make efficient approval decisions. Software programs can check borrower applications against different criteria and automatically monitor applicants that meet cash advance requirements.

Direct lenders also allow borrowers to connect accounts to the lender’s website. As a result, cash funding can be processed faster. The lender can disburse the borrower’s funds directly to their bank account. Many cash advance loans can even be funded on the same day.

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