4 Benefits Of Using A Free Invoice Template For Excel 

 March 5, 2022

When conducting business with your clients, invoices are one of the most important documents that you must have on hand. For one, invoices contain the itemized list of the payable services you’ve rendered. Second, it serves as a black-and-white article for every transaction you make with your clients.

However, creating invoices isn’t always the easiest of tasks—especially when you want to do it properly, professionally, and effectively. 

Alas. There are times when owners include prices and services only when there are other necessary pieces of information required to make the invoice serve its purpose. Because of this, it’s said that many businesses hire experts in creating invoices, or some opt for cost-efficient options like using a free invoice template for Excel available online. Hiring a professional to curate invoices is definitely valid, but for small-to-medium businesses or SMBs, the latter is the best way to go.

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If you’re torn between the two options, here are four benefits of using a free invoice template for Excel to get you started. 

  1. It’s Free

It’s without a doubt that good things in life don’t come often free, but free invoice templates would have to disagree. There’s a bunch of templates available in most digital spaces, and some authors are even kind and generous enough to make them available for the general public to use.

Not only that, despite being free, other users help SMBs and other establishments by making sure that despite being free of charge, these invoice files are safe. After all, the internet is full of nasty things—and one can’t help but be skeptical of them. Well, fret not, so long as you double-check reviews and other forms of user testimonies, those templates can be assumed to be safe. 

  1. It’s Customizable
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Free invoice template for Excel samples vary from one another, but most of them are easy to customize. Some limit the customization to the color scheme, the banner, and the typeface, while others make their templates almost 100% changeable. 

Being formatted in Excel, you get to enjoy an extra layer of customization that suits your business well. The possibilities this spreadsheet software offers are almost endless. You can make simple transaction lists. And you can even import your banking activity, so, you can monitor your transactions. 

The same goes for invoice templates. You can customize their look, as well as their function so they can suit your business processes better. Your accounting department would extremely appreciate it if the invoices already automatically compute for the taxes, service charge, and other surcharges which can help them bookkeep and account for the company expenses more efficiently.

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In addition, you can save a copy of each invoice you make to the cloud, which makes it more secure and can help everyone in the company check them out if needed. This saves the workplace clutter and even helps the environment by reducing your overall paper consumption.

  1. It’s Scalable

As an extension to the benefit above, another good thing with free invoice templates is that they can scale alongside your business. 

So, in the event that the business grows, your invoice will be able to keep up, especially when bigger business entails longer and more detailed invoices. It’s easy to dismiss how important this is, but have you ever seen an invoice that becomes so cluttered, everything’s just all over the place? Chances are, the cell for each item is fixed, thereby everything seems to be so compressed, making it hard to make sense of the entire invoice.

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Henceforth, it’s extremely crucial that your invoice can adapt to changes—which, luckily, free invoice templates can also do, despite not causing you a single dime. 

  1. You Can Learn How To Make Your Own Template

After spending so much time with your free invoice template for Excel, there will surely come a time when you or an employee in the company will get a whiff on how to do it. 

After all, free invoice templates and the user-friendliness of Excel make it somewhat easy to make a template of your own. And besides, there’s also a plethora of Excel tutorials available online—from easy formulas to the more complicated macros.

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This can be beneficial for the company because, for one, you won’t have to scour the internet for a template that you can use, and secondly, it’s just generally safer. Additionally, being adept in Excel helps the business to operate more smoothly; as mentioned, the possibilities with Excel almost seem endless. 

Final Thoughts

To put it simply, it’s believed that the pros of using free invoice templates for Excel outweigh the cons by a significant margin—especially when you consider the cost. That, and their high customization and scalability, it almost seems like there’s no difference with hiring a professional to do it for you. So, if you’re already decided, better start using them now!

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