9 Apps For Students To Earn Money Online 

 January 22, 2022

While in college, you students have plenty of opportunities! Not only do you have multiple ways to go in knowledge and social connections, but these years, college days also present you with an opportunity to study, as well as earn money by means of an app on your phone. For those who want to earn some discretionary money without compromising grades and study time, here is a hand-picked selection of apps for students that will become handy. 


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#1 Notesgen

Don’t want to get distracted from studying? Not a problem, since Notesgen will help you earn by learning— all you need to do is share your notes on the subjects you attend to help other students gain insights and understand the course they take easier. On this app, one can share both digital and handwritten notes for learning or competitive exams. Plus, if you want to improve academically while working with your notes, there’s a college paper writing service for that as well. Whether you need academic help or want to give it to fellow students, the internet will help you.

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#2 Job Spotter

Up for some exploration? Help employers find their perfect talents by spotting local job offers. Here is how it works: when you walk around your area and see a job advertisement, you need to take a picture of it and upload it on the platform. When the ad is uploaded, Job Spotter’s algorithm analyses it in terms of originality and awards you with points. With Job Spotter, you can train your eye to notice ads and identify which one will earn you more points. What an adventurous hustle!

#3 Fygo

Being a student is quite a lifestyle, so you can earn money on that as well. All it takes is your usual shopping at the places you like. Connect Fygo to your bank account, and it will reward you with cashback every time you attend the favorite spots to hang at, so it will not feel like work. Again, it is a money source that does not require any extra effort, so you can focus on studying.

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#4 Survey Junkie

If you have plenty of opinions or attitudes, you can capitalize on them, as this is what Survey Junkie is for. This app is designed for surveys and social statistics, so you get paid for contributing to a study or research. This app will take as much time as you have for it: earn your pocket money while on the bus or taking a break between the classes. Reflect on your opinions and help generate knowledge while profiting off of Survey Junkie. A phone is all you need. 

#5 Roamler

Another app that will help you incorporate earning money into your casual activities is Roamler. Developed by a Dutch tech company, Roamler encourages you to complete small tasks in mystery shopping. You join the community in the app on an initial level, and, before you start earning, you are required to do several test tasks that will prove your commitment. Once you’re done, you get access to paid tasks and can start making money straight away. The key to success in this app is following the instructions word by word. Although it may appear like too much effort, mystery shopping tasks fit perfectly in a student’s lifestyle, so you can snatch a few minutes for that while hanging with your friends.

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However, to join the app, you need someone to invite you.  

#6 Slidejoy

If you want to earn money without moving a finger, this is what Slidejoy is for. All you need to do is unlock your phone. Well, you will also have to watch an ad once in a while, but nothing more than that. Slidejoy allows you to earn reliably around $15 per month. How does it work? The app shares with you the commission from advertisers, so it distributes the views among the network of its users. 

#7 Toluna

It is yet another app that wants you for your opinions. You just need to give it around 20 minutes of your day taking surveys to get some nice rewards in return. In Toluna, you receive points for every survey you take. Some of them alone can give you over 2,000 points. Based on how many points you have, you can choose from a huge variety of vouchers, gift cards, and other rewards. Claim these rewards as PayPal transfers or Amazon vouchers.

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#8 Canvera

Canvera is an app that has the potential of becoming your income source, as well as a creative outlet. This app allows making money on photographs you take. Simply upload your creative work in the library, so clients can find them and pay you for that. Just like that, you can connect with opportunities from across the world and find projects that you will be rewarded for. Although this app requires a certain type of skill, it will be perfect for students who enjoy photography as their hobby. Money will be just a pleasant bonus in their case. 

#9 Receipt Hog

The final app that doesn’t ask you for an extra effort. Just take pictures of your receipts when you pay for something. Then, upload and exchange them for colins. Focus on grocery or health & beauty stores. The receipts from your friends and family members also work. Generally, you can make up to $100 per week with Receipt Hog. 

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The Bottom Line

Wanting to spend more is a great part of becoming gradually independent while pursuing a degree. A great thing about being a student nowadays is the variety of opportunities you get to make money with little to no time and effort invested. Today, it’s easy to find a side hustle that will make you more confident financially and not compromise your academic success. So, all you need to do is pick the most comfortable and interesting one!


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