9 Health Benefits of Using a Copper Bathtub 

 March 6, 2022


Slipping into a warm and calming bath is therapeutic, especially after a long and stressful day. Soaking yourself into an excellent state of pleasurable introspection allows your tired muscles to relax and your mind to unwind.

Therefore, a bathtub is one of the essential additions of any bathroom, especially a copper bathtub. It is one of the most adored and beautiful tubs available in the market today. 

Besides their attractiveness and appearance, these tubs have other benefits that you should consider when shopping for a tub. Copper bathtubs have aesthetic and health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits that make an investment in a copper bathtub worthwhile.

  1. Keeps Your Heart Healthy
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A warm bath in a copper tub can help with the health of your heart. Ensure you take a warm bath daily to help lower your blood pressure. According to research, blood pressure is the leading contributor to most cardiac diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes. 

Being warm helps the blood to flow and circulate better. Therefore, regular baths from a copper tub will act as a mini-workout and aid blood circulation. Also, a warm bath helps in burning calories from your body. 

A warm copper tub bath can be superior to hydrotherapy and aerobics. With all these benefits of a warm bath, you are sure that your heart will stay healthy since it can burn almost the same amount of calories as walking.

  1. They are Antibacterial
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Another health benefit why you should use copper bathtubs is that bacteria rarely survive on their surface. Yet, it will last several days on the steel surfaces and much longer on other types of bath and kitchen surfaces. 

And since germs can’t stay longer on copper surfaces, it eliminates the need for antibacterial and disinfection products. Therefore, you’re safer with copper bathtubs compared to the other counterparts like stainless steel or porcelain tubs. 

  1. Restorative Effect

A copper hot tub bath is the greatest option to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, tendonitis, sports injuries, muscle aches, and osteoporosis. It also helps to restore connective tissue and joint flexibility. 

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A hot bath can help to relax sore and tired muscles. Also, having a copper bathtub in your bathroom allows the body to absorb tiny amounts of copper with every contact you make with the surface. 

This way of absorbing copper in the body doesn’t have adverse gastrointestinal effects unlike anti-inflammatory medicines.

  1. Skin Care

Another proven benefit of using a copper tub daily is that it can help moisturize your skin. If you’re suffering from skin irritation, using a copper bathtub will help soothe your skin. Moreover, it is excellent for wound healing and skin regeneration. This explains why copper is common in most skincare products. 

  1. Wrinkle Treatment
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Most people wish to look young for the rest of their lives. However, when it comes to aging, there is no solution available. The good news is that various products are available today to help rejuvenate the skin and reduce signs of aging. 

You’ll notice that copper is one of the most common elements in these products. Copper plays a significant role in forming collagen, which aids in tightening skin folds and filling the fine lines in our bodies. 

Therefore, using a copper bathtub daily exposes you to various benefits since your skin will absorb moderate amounts of copper. 

  1. Hair Care

Besides the refreshing bath you get from using a copper tub, this also benefits your hair and helps address a variety of hair problems. Moreover, copper ions help with nourishing your hair and scalp follicles. 

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Copper helps increase the size of hair follicles and prevents them from dying. Besides, regenerating your hair to grow in size plays a significant role in the texture of your existing hair. 

The copper ions will make your hair appear and feel thicker by increasing the size of the hair follicles. Therefore, if you bathe in a copper tub daily, your hair will absorb a modest amount of the elements. As a result, your hair will appear thicker and fuller. 

  1. It Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Taking a hot bath in a copper tub can help you sleep better. If you have insomnia or sleep-related problems, take advantage of a copper bathtub to improve your sleep pattern. 

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Take a warm bath at least one or two hours before you go to sleep to improve the quality of your sleep. The warm bath will help drop your body temperature, making it easy to fall asleep. 

When you take a bath, the body brings a significant amount of blood flow to the surface, especially the hands and feet. As a result, the blood flow will contact the heat from the tub and help reduce the body temperature. 

As your body temperature drops, it will produce melatonin which is a hormone that induces sleep. Then, after exiting the copper tub, it will encourage the synthesis of the sleep hormone hence improving the quality of your sleep. 

  1. Helps with Parkinson’s Disease
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A warm bath in a copper tub helps to ease the spine if you have multiple sclerosis. Take advantage of this to relieve any pain and calm the nerves. 

Furthermore, the copper ions and warm water effectively support weak limb muscles. This makes a bath from a copper tub an excellent choice as a soothing agent for Parkinson’s disease. 

A relaxing dip in a warm copper tub may help your brain and the neurological system. 

  1. Helps with Hemorrhoids 

It is pretty challenging and tough to treat hemorrhoids. But taking a warm bath in a copper tub can help to relieve the pain. You can try working out for at least 20-30 minutes, then take a bath in an Epsom salt-infused warm bathtub.

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You’ll feel relief after the bath. Infuse your warm bath with tea tree oil, witch hazel, oak bark, arnica, and chamomile to make it more effective. 

Take Away

Copper adds elegance to your bathroom. You’ll find copper tubs in the homes of people who care about elegance and bathroom decoration. Also, individuals who value good hygiene are more likely to own copper tubs. So, if you’re looking to buy a tub for your bathroom, go for a copper bathtub. Despite being more expensive than other types of tubs, you’ll enjoy a plethora of health benefits. 


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