March 6, 2022

Over the past years, digital marketing has transformed numerous times. The most substantial shift happened thanks to mobile phones and social media platforms. However, the ‘’old-fashion’’ marketing channels, such as emails, are still popular, helping companies attract new customers and keep the old ones loyal. 

Since we all are receiving dozens of letters daily, it is crucial for marketing specialists to make the company message stand out. Everyone knows how to do it, and yet, far not every email lands in the inbox of its potential receiver. 

The rule of thumb here is to personalize the content and present it in the least intrusive way. However, are there any specific tips to run a successful email marketing campaign? Here are some takeaways on that score.

  1. Create a healthy email list
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There is no point in creating catchy and engaging emails for people who don’t belong to your target audience. If people don’t understand why you keep sending them messages, effective communication is unlikely to happen. So, make sure your email list consists of people who would be genuinely interested in the products you offer. To enlarge it, experiment with campaigns, try different instruments of email marketing services. For instance, you can present vouchers or gamify the communication with potential customers. Another obvious business rule in this context is being honest. Don’t delude users. Make sure they give you their emails voluntarily. Thus, you will secure your IP reputation and create a more trustworthy communication space. 

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Don’t forget to update this list every half a year or 12 months. Keep only addresses that get in touch with you somehow or demonstrate a high open-rate. 

  1. Use a segmentation approach

Customer segmentation is considered to be one of the most effective instruments to increase conversion rates. If you plunge into the preferences and behavior of your customers, it will make your communication way more effective. Data can tell you a lot about them, so you will better understand what to offer. However, tastes differ over time, and people tend to change their opinions on many things. To keep updated, include surveys in the emails, ask questions to verify information, ask for feedback and try to process it. 

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Nowadays, segmentation is getting even more detailed. For example, you can list users according to their locations, age, profession, sex, travel history, and buying patterns. This enables you to customize your offer and show interest in productive cooperation. We all appreciate the attention to our opinions and preferences. Therefore, a customized approach in an email campaign will effectively reach out to the audience if users know their thoughts matter. 

  1. Adjust your message to mobile phones

Don’t forget that we all are living in our smartphones today. They are deeply integrated into our daily life and, thus, most information we consume appears on our screens first. Therefore, mobile optimization is a must if you want to grab users’ attention via email. In general, trying to speak their language, finding solutions for their particular needs, and making the message easy to read on any device increases marketers’ chances dramatically. 

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Every time a person opens an inbox on a smartphone, make sure your message loads in no time. The text should be brief and clear. Don’t overwhelm content with unnecessary illustrations or links that look suspicious. Create mobile-friendly newsletters, check the loading speed, express clear and engaging messages. Thus, your users will be eagerly waiting for your email and not mark it as spam. 

Another crucial moment to keep in mind is the ‘’unsubscribe’’ button. However unpleasant it might be, users should be able to find it fast if they find the content boring, inappropriate, or irrelevant. Sometimes people are struggling to find the unsubscribe button in the email on laptops, not to mention mobile phones. Keep in mind that the best way to attract customers is to let them go if your product is not for them yet. 

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To run a successful email marketing campaign, be open and honest with users. Create mobile-friendly messages, adjust them to people’s needs, and don’t forget to update the contact list. Email marketing remains a powerful instrument that increases your profit and helps engage more potential customers.

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