Celebrating Christmas With Loved Ones Long Distance Style  

 October 19, 2022

Whether it is your partner you’re not able to spend Christmas with this year, family, or friends there are other ways to still make it special despite the long distance. We all know that spending any holiday especially Christmas away from loved ones can be very sad and lonely. But we should still focus on how to make it better rather than focusing on the negative aspects.

So how can you turn this sad and unfortunate event into a happier and more lively one? Well to begin with here are 5 ways that you can still spend a good time with your loved ones despite the long distance.

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Design and Send Personalised Cards

Cards are to date one of the best ways to share your love and express your feelings with special ones in your life. You can always design unique holiday cards, but for the occasion of Christmas why not make personalised Christmas greeting cards. You can send it to them through shipments with a couple of extra gifts, such as flowers, perfume or their favourite snacks.

A bonus would be to open up the presents on a video call to make the occasion as special and as intimate as possible.

Do something together

Like people would normally get together on Christmas and either cook together or celebrate together, why not do that during long distance too? It’s totally normal to feel disconnected from loved ones when you’re not physically together.

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But connecting through eating together, watching a movie together or reading a book can connect you all and make the holidays feel better too. For watching movies together you can use the Netflix party feature and literally watch the same content together without any issues.

Celebrate each other

Isn’t Christmas a celebration? So why not spend this time celebrating each other too, and appreciate all the positives you and your family have achieved during the entire year? It’s a great way of spending time together while recollecting the good memories and reflecting on the time spent.

Showing gratitude whilst helping to boost each other is also a great way of connecting no matter how far apart you are.

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Talk about the future

Who doesn’t love to sit together and discuss what the future can hold for all of you? It’s a great way of spending time during holidays, to reminisce about the past and plan what the future should possibly be like.

This is your chance to talk to your loved ones and plan what to do in the future once you meet. You can make a list with them and include multiple ways of spending time together such as going go-karting, painting together, and cooking together. All of these would be a great way of reconnecting and making memories.

Share your thoughts and feelings

It’s Christmas and who does not want to get real with their loved ones? Even on normal days people wait to spend quality time and have some heart-to-heart talks. Well, you can do that on call too with long-distance loved ones. Plan a video call, sit down and share how you feel.

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Just listening and talking can help make the holidays feel the way they should.


There are plenty of ways you can enjoy Christmas with loved ones even when far apart, be creative with your ideas and send out some cute Christmas cards because why not? Add a personal touch to your plans and you will automatically feel better with Christmas right around the corner.

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