Comprehensive Guide To Selling Used Bikes in India: Process, Tips And Tricks 

 January 26, 2022

Every bike lover looks for upgrades every time a new bike is launched in the market! Before welcoming a successor, one needs to bid farewell to the existing two-wheeler. Selling a used bike in today’s market conditions is not at all a challenge! With multiple online platforms expanding the second-hand vehicle market in every list, there is little one has to do to sell his old bike. Get competitive prices using a simple online procedure. Although the possibilities in the offline market are also high, the exposure one can get online is incomparable. 

Bidding goodbye to an old two-wheeler can be an emotional affair for a passionate rider! Nonetheless, one can use a meticulous process to make the complete worth of his bike. Just like buyers, sellers also need to choose between offline options and online portals that accept old vehicles. Read on to discover how to sell bike using a few simple tricks and tips that can simplify the process. For more information on how it works, visit an online store! 

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Use the valuation of an old bike to get sufficient funds for the new one in a few simple steps! 

Sell Used Bikes In India: Proven Ways To Follow 

A seller has to choose between the two different platforms to sell bike at the best price. Here are a few simple steps one can follow for the same. 

Selling Used Bikes In The Offline Market 

  • Spread the word in the neighbourhood and amongst friends and family. Register the details of the bike in the nearest garages and offline stores that sell used bikes. 
  • Give details to the buyers who reach out with enquiries and coordinate the sales with them. 
  • Sell bike if there is a mutual agreement with the buyer. 
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Selling Used Bikes On Online Portals 

  • Take pictures of the bike and submit them on the leading online platforms.
  • Fill in all the required details carefully and check the maximum selling price offered at the portal. 
  • Finalise the deal and proceed with the sale if the terms and price offered by the online store are favourable. 
  • The executive of the online store will come to take the bike and all the documents. 

Simple Steps To Sell Used Bikes To Potential Buyers 

One may not get competitive prices and genuine buyers in his neighbourhood and locality. Offline stores and garages that purchase old bikes may also not offer the best deals. Therefore, a seller must follow these simple steps to sell their bike online. Online platforms work as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. 

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Figure Out The Valuation of The Bike 

Online platforms host a mechanism where a seller can enter all the details of his bike to get an estimated value they are willing to offer. Compare prices offered on all the leading portals to choose the best one. 

Sort Out The IDV (Insured Declared Value)

A seller must know the IDV number of his two-wheeler to ensure getting a justified sum. Most people who proceed with the sale of their bike do not know this value. 

Sort Out All The Documents 

A seller also needs to prepare all the required documents for his bike, including the insurance certificate, RC book, PUC certificate and all servicing records. Sort out all these documents and file them properly to proceed with the sale. 

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One must repair a bike properly before refurbishing it. 

Required Documents For Inter-State Sales 

If a person wants to sell a bike to a buyer from another state, he must meet a few requirements that concern both the authorities. Here are a few documents that a seller needs to offer at the sale. 

  • A NOC (No Objection Certificate) has to be procured from the registered RTO, where the seller must state how he is selling his bike with his consent. 
  • A tax clearance certificate is necessary where the seller confirms how he bears no outstanding tax liability. 
  • A seller must also hand over the RC (Registration Certificate) book of his bike at the time of sale. 
  • The PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate also becomes the buyer’s possession with the sale of the bike. 
  • A duly signed transfer of ownership form is also a requirement. One needs to get this form approved by the RTO and submit it to the buyer. 
  • A seller has to give a self-attested copy of his PAN card, address proof and DOB if needed. 
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Tips & Tricks To Follow Along The Process 

One can sell bike on any of the online or offline platforms at his convenience. However, it is essential to analyse the pros and cons of both options to not miss out on any potential deal. Here are some tips and tricks a seller should consider using for the process. 

  • Repair all the visible damage and dents on the bike to ensure getting a better valuation. In some cases, the good condition of a bike gets overshadowed by regular wear and tear. Therefore, one must get this security. 
  • Compare the online facilities with offline options to pick out the best platform. In most cases, a seller finds it more convenient to sell his bike online, given the added benefits one can reap. 
  • The executives of leading online platforms are always there to help customers along the process. From helping in the documentation process to picking the bike from a seller’s home, one can get it all! 
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The Final Say 

Sell bike online to get a competitive price and hassle-free sale. Take assistance from a reliable online portal to complete all the documentation processes without any hassle. Be proactive and fulfill all the requirements on time. The advantage of selling a used bike online is getting the right exposure. Sellers can reach out to potential buyers without having to post ads and spread the word. 

Selling used bikes has become a common thing as people are always looking for better alternatives. If one decides to let go of his favourite, he should at least ensure getting a proper valuation for the same. Try all the tricks of the trade to sell the bike to the highest bidder! 

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