How Do You form An LLC and Skip Copyright Trolls? 

 March 11, 2022

After hearing all the benefits of an LLC for authors, the question becomes how one should create an LLC—forming an LLC used to mean hiring a lawyer. Now, you can easily do it yourself by using MSK Payments Solutions, which provides the Best Payment Method For Freelancers and helps you form an LLC without understanding all the complex forms alone. They explain everything efficiently and form an LLC for their clients as quickly as possible.

To create an LLC, visit MSK Payment Solutions and click “Start an LLC.” Choose the cheapest option and click “next” until you have an LLC and get the most reliable Startup Payments Processing In the USA.

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Publishing a book could open you up to millions of dollars of liability, even if your book is not a financial success. A book that earned only a few thousand dollars for you can still lead to a lawsuit that could bankrupt your whole family.

Even if you didn’t infringe on someone’s copyright, you might still lose a case to a copyright troll, especially if the troll has more money than you do.

Copyright trolls are a real threat to any author who wants to make money.

According to US law, the penalty for copyright infringement is up to $150,000 plus court fees per infringement. If you don’t have $150,000 on hand, a copyright troll could seize your car, your investments and even take your house in some states.

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Whether you’re indie or traditional, published or unpublished, you need to know how to prepare for and defend against copyright trolls.

The best and easiest way is Company Registration In USA by forming an LLC to protect your assets and your publication from any copyright claims. Following are a few benefits you can obtain from forming an LLC.

Liability  Protection:

Forming an LLC helps you separate your assets and your publishing assets, showcasing you as poorer than you are in reality. If someone sues the LLC, they can only go after the assets in that LLC. If you have an LLC, the troll can only take from the pocket that holds your book and its earnings. The troll can’t reach into your retirement savings pocket or your home-ownership pocket. This is why an LLC makes it less likely to target a troll. MSK Payment solutions are one of the best aids to help your Company Setup In the USA swiftly and securely.

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Establishes Credibility:

Having an LLC can boost your credibility in the eyes of readers and institutions.

It’s difficult for bookstores and libraries to distinguish between an indie author with a publishing company name that isn’t linked to the indie author or a small company.

Tax Flexibility:

 LLCs are the only business entity where you get to choose which chapter of the tax code applies to you, and it’s one reason LLCs are so popular. You can be taxed as a sole proprietor and still have liability protection. If you want to be taxed as an S corp, you can do that too. Creating a publishing company makes getting your books into bookstores and libraries more accessible. To increase your chances of being shelved in physical stores, you must have a professional-looking book. When you publish independently, you essentially own a publishing company that publishes the books you write. The more you think like a company, the more people will treat you like a company. So save your time, expand your growth, and connect with MSK Payments Solution today.

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