How long do polished concrete floors last? 

 March 6, 2022

We all love the luxurious look of all those shiny polished concrete floors Mornington Peninsula hotels are known to have. These things may make you think that they are too far out of any budget or that they are difficult to maintain. But we’re here to tell you that polished concrete is affordable, easy to maintain and a long-lasting investment for any residential or commercial property.

Mechanically polished concrete, the most modern and meticulous type, can last for ten years and many more if it is appropriately installed and maintained during that time. Grind & seal installations will also last for this long by they may need professional resealing every 5-10 years depending on the amount of foot traffic they receive.

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How long does polished concrete last?

As we briefly mentioned, you are sure to get a decade out of this investment which is much more than many other installations on your property. We’re sure you would immediately invest in a car that would last you for ten years without major maintenance, but we don’t have this luxury. You can enjoy this luxury with polished concrete because modern materials have really boosted how tough the application is. Polished concrete can even last in excess of 25 years if it is looked after. This makes them the best when it comes to durability, especially when comparing them to other choices. The durability is all in the installation process. It includes hardening, dust proofing, and densifying of the concrete and in simple terms, this means that they’ll be tougher.

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How durable is polished concrete?

Polished concrete will last you decades because it is construction work that intends to improve the hardness of the surface. The level of durability will depend on what process you choose for your floor and there are many to choose from. Premier Polished Concrete & Grinding is proficient in all of them, so you can take our word for it. Mechanically polished concrete is the most durable application for inside settings. This is because it does not have a surface coating and that makes it invulnerable against scratches, damage or wear and tear against foot traffic. Grind & Seal has a lower level of durability, but this can be enhanced with sealers/coatings that are built for toughness.

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What affects the durability of your polished concrete?

  • Installation elements like the quality of labour, the quality of the equipment and the mixing of the materials.
  • Professional floor preparation is crucial to extending the life of your concrete
  • The quality of your existing concrete surface to avoid cracks or buckling
  • A consistent maintenance and cleaning plan
  • The proper sealing of your concrete floor with an epoxy coating or similar durable product
  • Regular cleaning and removal of any oil, grease, or water that is sitting on your floor

Other benefits of polished concrete floor

While we can go on and on about how long your polished concrete will last, many other benefits make it stand out from other flooring options. Just take a look at the modern machinery and innovative materials we use, and you’ll be inspired by the process of transforming concrete into a smooth and stunning surface. Choose this option and you’ll also benefit from the following:

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1.    Polished concrete has multi-decade properties

Unlike other flooring options like tiles or wood, polished concrete can stay in good condition for decades at a time. The basic level life cycle is set at 10 years without any major maintenance if it was appropriately installed and maintained during the decade. Property owners who do their best to look after the installation can benefit from a multi-decade sheen without any major maintenance. Polished concrete, therefore, seems to have greater longevity than carpeting or even wood laminate.

2.    Polished concrete is affordable

Polished concrete is hugely affordable because it has many varying finishing options which are sure to fit in any budget. There are different ways to polish concrete and you won’t have to compromise on how good they look. Many installers can’t immediately tell the difference between mechanically polished and grind & seal floors because they can look similar but with vastly different costs.

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3.    Polished concrete is minimal maintenance

Polished concrete doesn’t need major weekly or even monthly maintenance. All it needs is regular daily cleaning like you would for any other surface on the property. In most cases, a dry mop on a daily is more than enough. Floors with a high gloss finish may need a damp mop from time to time.

4.    Polished concrete is environmentally friendly

There are no hazardous chemicals or materials used in the process of polishing concrete. There are no adhesives or cleaners needed at any point in the process.

Are polished concrete floors hard to maintain?

Concrete floors are one of the very few high-sheen applications that don’t require frequent stripping and waxing. Regular cleaning is important because if maintained, you will only require professional servicing every 5 years or so. The main fundamental principle of keeping your polished concrete floor clean is to always clear the surfaces of dust, dirt, and grime. Your polished concrete will also need wet mopping from time to time and it is important to use the correct cleaning solution. Use gentle, non-acidic, pH-neutral soaps because anything harsh can affect the shine of the polish. If your polished concrete floors begin looking dull, which can happen in high foot traffic areas, this may be an indication that it is time for an expert to do some maintenance.

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Long-lasting polished concrete solutions

At Premier Polished Concrete & Grinding we’re passionate about concrete. While we specialise in flooring solutions, we are also experts in polished benchtops and hearths. This means we can do all manner of applications and any size job. Our team of technicians will take the time to consult with you and find a solution that is the perfect fit. There’s no reason to choose an installer that just slaps materials on your floor. You should choose a servicing company that you can rely on for future maintenance and repairs too. We are based on the Mornington Peninsula, but we service the greater Victoria area.

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