How to Track Your Employee’s Working Hours? 

 March 5, 2022

With this increasing time of technology and knowledge, businesses are focusing more on tracking the time period of their working employees, especially those working remotely.

This is especially for businesses where the high salary paid employees are working from home. Big scale companies are adopting these time tracking solutions as they are still working from home since the covid pandemic. Meticulous employee monitoring softwarewas done in the past. Now, it has become a very open and common aspect of working from an office.

Many businesses still require a method to track employee hours. Businesses with monthly and hourly working employees, for example, must keep track of employee hours in order to calculate accurate payroll figures. Additionally, the companies need to track down every minute of the working hours of the employee.

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Even if employees aren’t required to adhere to strict punctuality of clock-in time, tracking how the employees do work and how they spend their time at work can be beneficial. The company employees can impact in enhancing and decision making about how they spend their time if they know how many hours they spend on certain tasks.

Multiple methods for tracking employee time are available, track the time of your employee, want to see what and how the employees use the web. Time tracking can be a good idea to put an end to all these thoughts.

There are many possible ways for tracking time and work from time to time.

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Is it right to track employees’ working hours and activities?

Some businesses hire employees on a monthly basis; some hire on an hourly basis. Tracking employees is one of the most important features for running a business from home.

By not tracking time and work, there is no possible way of knowing the correct payment and salary to pay and how much work the employees are doing throughout the day. Even businesses today with monthly employees are adopting time tracking technology. It is an important and useful tool for maintaining the productivity of the project. Even the manager can now keep a good eye on the employees with the help of these applications.

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Tracking the time of your employees will show you the graph of productivity and efficiency while working from home. This way, you can figure out the difference between the levels of their work through the office and home. You can also configure the fact of how efficient your remote working employees are for the company. Some employees are productive while some are not. The time tracking system will help you with knowing the best for the business.

There can be many more advantages like – generating monthly payroll, understanding the time consumption of your employees, ensuring that your employees are productive and benefit the company, providing accurate clock in and clock out.

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There are several ways, some old fashioned and some technologically inclined, for tracking time for the employees –

Pen and Paper

If you are old school and working somewhere, that is not a technology inclined company. You can use the system of pen and paper. Where you get the employees to pen down their time when they enter the office and when they leave the office at the end of the day.

You can also use it anywhere. There is a lack of internet facilities, connectivity, and patchy technology use. However, pen and paper type of time tracking is not performed anywhere since the introduction of the punch-in system.

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Desktop Clock

Small scale companies that cannot afford the time tracking applications and yet want to track their employee’s time can use various computer applications to record the check-in and check-out time. You can create a clock-in station for employees to record their time using such an app. You can streamline the process of tracking employee hours by designating specific locations for employees to log their time. This type of application would require good hardware that can record everything for you.

Mobile application

Mobile phones are multi usable. one can use them professionally and for personal use as well. So if you work in a company that offers a mobile application system, you can use applications that are set on mobile phones and access the clock in and clock out time accurately. IT work needs to be done to set up a similar application on all your employee’s phones.

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Biometrics Clock-in

There are many companies that need biometric clock-ins for installing clock in and clock out time. Many companies use biometrics to keep a check on employee attendance and working hours. Although it is a new feature but is in use by many companies to get an accurate time period of their employees.

Time tracking applications

This is certainly a new method of calculating the time of your employees who are working remotely. Not just time period, there are various features offered by time tracking software so that your managers can completely focus on the teammates. Time tracking applications have been used for the past couple of years, and the trend is increasing day by day.

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