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 August 16, 2022



A PDF splitter is an important tool in the arsenal of PDF editing tools because it helps people create smaller, more manageable files. A PDF splitter works by breaking up large PDF files into smaller sizes not only for storage and saving purposes but to make them more concise and digestible. It makes no sense to keep a large PDF file if you only need a few pages from the text, which is why a PDF split and merge tool is so useful. You can not only break up larger texts but create new texts from the parts of other documents.


H2 – How Do I Combine PDF Files for Free?

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Combining PDF files is easy. You can often do it for free on a select number of sites that offer to combine, merge, and split PDFs. These sites also have other PDF editing tools that are also essential to working with the document format. Since many of these online tools were designed to be user-friendly, they are easy to navigate and do not require that much previous knowledge.


These free sites also let you perform a limited amount of merging and splitting so you may have to sign-up or register to have unlimited access. The functioning of these tools usually requires you to open or drag and drop a particular PDF file into the browser window. Once you have your document open or uploaded, choose the function you want to perform (merge, split or combine) and click OK.

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H2 – How Many PDFs Can be Combined?


The number of PDFs you can combine depends on the tool that you are using. Some free online tools allow only a certain number of combinations or actions for free users, but allow unlimited access for paid subscribers. If you have a paid account with any of these online tools, you can merge and split as many PDFs as you like.


Combining a large number of files can also be challenging especially if the files are large and have many different design elements. If you want to merge PDFs, you have to be aware of what is necessary for your purposes and find which pages you want to keep and which ones can be discarded.

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H2 – What Is The Best Free PDF Merger?


Some people believe that Adobe Acrobat has the best, all-around PDF editing tools and software since the company created the file format. Adobe is premium software but it also has many free and easy-to-use options online, where users can perform simple PDF editing functions without having to buy or install any Adobe software.


One other free option is Lumin PDF, which is similar in scope and capability to Adobe Acrobat. Lumin is an online PDF editor that can also be downloaded for offline use and has several PDF editing tools like adding or removing text, merging, splitting, and deleting pages, and converting PDFs into other file types.

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Lumin users can open a PDF file in the browser and choose from the Page Tools button in the top-right-hand corner. From here, a drop-down menu will appear listing all the different functions from Merging and Splitting, to Combining and Deleting. You can choose from a range of different pages to merge, split or combine and then press the appropriate button when finished.

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