Targeted emails: an advanced marketing hack to grow your eCommerce business 

 February 8, 2022

A person, on average, receives around 121 emails per day. It is safe to assume that subscribers have become immune to generic promotional emails. Email marketers now need to step up and create highly targeted email campaigns to stand out from the rest of their competitors.  

What are targeted emails?

Targeted emails are the culmination of all personalization and segmentation techniques. Targeted email marketing involves identifying relevant information for a specific group of audiences. Email marketers use segmentation techniques to funnel their subscribers into different sets or segments. Following this, personalized emails are designed for these sets based on the customer’s information like purchase history, interaction history, and behavioral patterns. 

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A well-crafted targeted email that directly addresses the needs of your customers will make your emails stand out in their inboxes. In addition, your customers will be more likely to click on emails that contain relevant information to improve their shopping experience.

Benefits of sending Targeted Emails

  • Increased ROI

The ROI of email marketing is around 3600%. And, with targeted emails, you can increase it further. Targeted emails focus on engaging the reader and enticing them to click on your CTA buttons. If you manage to get it right, the readers are more likely to convert into active customers and start generating revenue for you. Even with basic segmentation like gender, age, and location, you can massively increase your ROI.

  • Relevant information
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Higher the relevancy of the information included in the mail, the higher the conversion rate. Targeted emails appeal more to the customers as they contain information that aligns with their current needs and goals. The offers included in these targeted emails should directly add value to the customer’s shopping experience. You can ask for their shopping preferences as a part of your welcome program and use it to customize the experience for them.

  • Improved relationships

Targeted emails also drastically improve the customer-brand relationship. Once your subscribers notice the value you are adding to their lives through your emails, they’ll look forward to your emails. This directly increases your open rates and click-through rates. Improved relationships with the brand directly translate into higher customer retention. 

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Tips for using targeted emails to grow your eCommerce business

  • Create your email list

Building your own email list is one of the more crucial steps. When people are willingly signing up to be part of your subscriber list, they are implying that they want to interact more with the company. This makes every single subscriber a potential lead. Furthermore, they will also volunteer their personal information to you to enhance their shopping experience. Moreover, they are less likely to mark your emails as spam and damage your reputation with the ESP.

  • Leverage segmentation

Segmentation tactics have become a crucial part of any targeted email marketing campaign. According to a study by HubSpot, 30% of email marketers use segmentation tactics to increase their email engagement. Email marketers can tailor highly targeted emails by combining segmentation tactics with the behavioral data of the customers. Recommendation emails are one of the best examples of using segmentation and past customer interaction to create targeted emails.

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The Dots uses segmentation to create a recommendation list for their customers. Based on their customer’s past interactions, they have created a list of events that might add more value to the customer’s life. Each of the events acts like a CTA button that takes the reader directly to the ticket booking page. They have also added a touch of personalization by addressing the readers by their names. 



  • Design multiple eCommerce emails

As mentioned earlier, targeted emails are not limited to promotional emails. Announcement emails, curated emails, cart abandonment emails, and event emails – they are all targeted emails. As an email marketer, you must experiment with different templates and find the one that works best for your brand. 

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Pinterest uses a targeted email campaign to send curated emails to its subscribers. Based on the past interaction of the customer, they deduced that the customer has a keen interest in men’s fashion. They let their algorithm do its work and picked out the best pins for their customer to enjoy. 



  • Use triggers to automate your marketing campaigns

Email marketers cannot monitor a customer’s behavior 24/7. This is where automatic triggers come in handy. Triggers will help you increase the utility and the effectiveness of your targeted emails by automating the campaign. Email marketers often have the right email template ready with them. And, with automated triggers, they can send these emails at the right time. 

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For example, when you notice a customer repeatedly visiting your store but not completing their purchase, it means they have high shopping intent, but something is holding them back. This behavior can automatically trigger a targeted email to be sent to them containing a discount coupon to incentivize the customer to make the purchase.

  • Always test your emails

The chances of striking gold with your first email template are very low. Hence, email marketers need to extensively test their campaigns with different audiences to find the one that works the best. Here, you can employ A/B testing that involves sending similar email templates with slight variations to different groups of people. You can then gauge their reaction and make changes to them accordingly.

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The needs of the customers will change over time. It is the duty of email marketers to continuously optimize their targeted email campaigns based on newfound information. If you find these processes too overwhelming, you can hire a marketing agency that offers targeted email marketing services. 

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.


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