The Best Way To Travel From EWR To New York City 

 February 11, 2022

Suppose you are traveling from Newark International Airport (EWR) to Manhattan or anywhere in New York City. It is a lot easier & comfortable than you might imagine because New Jersey is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Best of all, flying into Newark International instead of JFK or LaGuardia allows you to take advantage of some low tickets. Let us find various ways to travel from EWR to New York City.

Here are a few options for getting from Newark International Airport to any location in Manhattan. The approach you choose is determined by your budget and any time limitations you may have. Of course, taxi services will be an easy way to travel from Newark Airport to Manhattan. Like Kennedy and LaGuardia, cabs are curbside waiting to pick up fares. The fare will be within your budget, tolls not included, and don’t forget to tip. It is a convenient method, but not that cheap.

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Obtain a car service to pick you up.

Instead of hailing a random cab from the curb, you can hire a car. This is one of the excellent ways to travel if you have a lot of luggage, children, or a pet, albeit it is not economical. You can hire a car to transport up to ten passengers and their baggage if you have a large group. You can hire a New Express Limo to pick you up from the airport.

Shuttles to and from the airport.

There are various Airport Shuttle companies to select from, and unless you book a private vehicle service, this may be the best option if you have a large group traveling with you (more than four adults). So, it will be best if you keep in mind that there will be other passengers on the shuttle, & you might have to wait for their drop-off before the shuttle takes you to your desired destination.


The Airtrain is a mode of transportation.

You may travel between Newark International Airport and Manhattan for as cheap as $12.50 per person, thanks to the Airtrain and New Jersey Transit. Take the AirTrain from your correct arrival terminal to the Airtrain Station, where you may board a New Jersey Transit AirTrain to Penn Station in New York at any time of day. Note that during the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., the NJ Transit train does not run. Depending upon the location of your preferred hotel, you can call New Limo Express to help you out. We will offer you our Airport transfer service & drop you off at the desired location.

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Most native New Yorkers will get a ride with a close friend or relative to & from Kennedy & LaGuardia Airports. Still, even the gutsiest of us natives have difficulty getting someone to take us to or pick us up from Newark International. Choose our Airport Transfer service to reach your place at the earliest without any kind of difficulty. Of course, Newark Airport transportation is less expensive than a town car service. Consider taking a cab to an important meeting or any other special occasion. It will make a negative first impression. With a town service, you can expect a clean, well-maintained service.

Those who have had a bad experience with Newark Airport Limo services are fully aware of the issues. It will not happen to you if you use a town service. There is no doubt that they hire qualified chauffeurs who have thorough background checks and have received safety training. The chauffeur will guarantee that you have a pleasant and stress-free journey.

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If you are traveling from EWR to New York City, choose New Limo Express’s Newark Airport Limoservices & reach your desired destination within time without hassle.


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