Turn Up the Heat: Utilizing Emojis for Social Media Marketing 

 May 24, 2020

Engaging the interest of online users can be challenging without the help of images, videos, gifs, and emojis to help make advertisements look more fun, creative, and alive. Businesses should keep in mind that emojis are universal. You’ll expand your reach to almost everyone around the world with a single post or ad.

Further, you’ll have to worry about having a language barrier with non-fluent English language speakers around the world because emojis have almost the same meaning. But, you also have to be cautious with how you’ll utilize particular emojis in your ads to prevent any ambiguity and confusion with other online users who aren’t familiar with them.

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Another way to help you find out which emojis to use for social media marketing to expand the reach of your business and improve recognition are emoji-related tools. Emoji-related tools allow you to track which are currently the most popular and being used by online users on any social media platform. Thus, to turn up the heat of your business here is how to utilize emojis for social media marketing.

Using the Fire Emoji for Everything Hot and Trending

Wanting to present trending products and services to online users with the help of emojis can quickly be done by using a fire emoji at the start and end of your catchphrase. The fire emoji represents something hot, which means that if you want to present your customers, something that’s hot and trending, never overlook the effects that fire emoji can bring.

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If you plan to publish a  post with all the products that your business is selling, the most effective way to use the fire emoji is to insert the fire emojis in your top-selling products. Highlighting your top-selling products will hook the attention of online users to let them know that a lot of customers are buying that particular product from you.

Further, you can also use fire emojis to help your target audience make your post a hot topic. Not only does the fire emoji represent something that’s trending, but it can also serve as a symbol for your best product. Thus, if your target audience and online users in any social media platform to take an interest in your post, never forget about the impact of the fire emoji.

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Causing a Stop and Stare with a Red Stop Emoji

The red stop emoji flashes in the eyes of online users that help your post or ad to hook online users who frequently scroll down on their social media feed. For instance, if you plan to sell products at a discounted price and you want your post to gain instant attention to avail your sale, the red emoji allows your post to flash in everyone’s eyes.

The placement of the red stop emoji should always be at the start of your post, especially if you’re planning to post them on Facebook. The reason why the red stop sign should always be at the beginning of your post is that Facebook allows very long posts. Thus, inserting a red stop emoji will be immediately visible to every online user who sees your post.

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Understanding the Meaning of Particular Emojis

Before using particular emojis in your social media ads, knowing and understanding their meaning is essential to prevent any misleading meaning. Keep in mind that even the cutest little emojis can mean something else, not everything you see will have the same meaning for online users.

For instance, using a peach emoji or 🍑 can mean a lot of things, such as butt, fitness, or something sexual, instead of the peach emoji being the actual fruit. Online users are full of millennials who use emojis as a shortcut to say something without actually saying the exact word.

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After getting used to the meaning of specific emojis, you can use them for your emojis, primarily if your business sells particular products. Consequently, you can avoid saying the actual word to prevent other online users that’s not within your target audience to misjudge the products and services of your business.

Combining Emojis to Your Sales Funnel

Combining emojis to your sales funnel is the best creative way to use emojis for your social media marketing strategy. Choosing a particular emoji that other businesses aren’t using also creates a brand image for your business that allows online users to distinguish your business. On the other hand, having your customers use the emoji that represents your business also makes it faster for them to purchase a product.

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For instance, if you want your customers to order something from you in an instant, you can choose a particular emoji that other businesses don’t use. Moreover, allowing your customers to tweet that single emoji means that they’ll be ordering something from you by direct messaging you or tweeting on your Twitter page.

Consistent Brand Messaging

Consistent brand messaging is vital for social media marketing because it represents the image of your business. If you’re a businessman or businesswoman who likes to play and be creative with emojis, you have to make sure that your advertisements stay that way. Further, you also have to keep in mind that using different emojis once in a while prevents the image of being boring.

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Being consistent with brand messaging also means that the emojis you should use is appropriate with the mood you’re showcasing with your products. If you want to appear serious to your customers and online users, you shouldn’t use emojis with double meanings or anything funny.


Using emojis as a social media marketing strategy for your business can take a lot of planning and consideration. It would be best if you planned because other emojis can be misleading, which results in online users not taking your business seriously. You should also never forget that spamming emojis is another reason for online users and your target audience not to take any interest.

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Using the appropriate emoji-related tools to help you prepare your journey in social media marketing is vital. Further, you’ll be able to discover which emojis are trending and which emojis you should avoid to bring your brand image up.



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