Why Choose Sky Plan Management as your NDIS Plan Manager? 

 March 14, 2022

Managing your NDIS plan can turn out to be quite challenging for you to enjoy a safe and a comfortable life. For this, an NDIS plan management specialist can offer holistic assistance to help you manage and keep a check on your NDIS plan funds. 

An NDIS plan manager would ensure to provide you an overall cost free budget assistance, make reimbursements and payments to all the service providers on time. 

Generally, an NDIS plan manager would be dealing with your NDIS funds where all the participants would receive funds with regards to your NDIS plan which would then be used for various equipment and services. These expenditures would then have to be recorded. Is it sounding a little hectic? Well, here is where Sky Plan Management would come to ensure that everything happens smoothly in order to avoid any inconvenience or problems. 

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Sky Plan Management being a registered NDIS provider, offers efficient and a person-centred plan management services. 

Some of the most common reasons why you must choose Sky Plan Management:

  • Make timely payments.
  • No additional costs involved.
  • They are experts at handling your NDIS plan.
  • Provides a person centred approach.
  • They have a participant budget dashboard.
  • Provide monthly statements.
  • Assistance while budgeting.
  • They work Australia wide.
  • Offer online ordering services.
  • Generally, pay provider invoices within 3 working days from receipt. 

This ensures consistency in the services you receive and keeps you up to date about your budget expenditure so that you don’t miss out on funds. 

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Services offered by Sky Plan Management as your NDIS plan managers:

Sky Plan management provides holistic assistance to make sure that its participants don’t stress out while managing their funds and budget.

  1. A cost free budget assistance: 

The NDIS plan managers at Sky Plan Management provides expert assistance in the management of your budget. NDIS doesn’t use your support budget but pays for your plan management separately. 

  1. Hassle-free invoice payment:

Comfort of all the NDIS participants is the utmost priority of the plan mangers at Sky Plan Management. They ensure that all your services and equipment are paid timely without any hassles and delay. So, let the plan managers at Sky Plan perform all the services for you so that your invoices don’t trouble you anymore. 

  1. Efficient budget tracking:
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The plan managers at Sky Plan make sure that not even a single penny from your NDIS budget gets wasted. So, as financial and NDIS experts, they not only provide you suggestions as to how you can make the best use of your budget but would also keep a track of how your funds are being spent. 

  1. Help develop budget management skills:

The NDIS plan managers in Victoria at Sky Plan Management not only provides assistance in handling your budgets but they also make sure that you get to learn certain skills regarding the management of your finances. They strive to work in accordance with the NDIS vision to not just provide you care but help you live an empowered life. 

  1. Claim lodgements: 
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You are always relived from the stress of lodging claims with the managers at Sky Plan. So, leave all your claim lodgements to the experts at Sky Plan so that you can just sit back and relax. 

  1. NDIS provider management: 

They work as an intermediary between the NDIS providers and the participants to effectively take care of all the requirements and payments without causing you any sort of inconvenience. 


The managers at Sky Plan Management strive to build a society where every participant gets to live an empowered life with the help of NDIS in order to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

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  • People first: they ensure to build a strong communication with the participants and provide effective consultations in order to be accessible to every individual who is receiving their services. So, when any NDIS participant contacts them, they get the opportunity to directly connect with the plan manager not to any call operator. 
  • Reliability: they fully understand the importance of providing a compliant and a prompt service to ensure that the participants gets to receive the services according to their preferences and needs. 
  • Empowerment: it can be quite challenging for you to navigate the NDIS plan. Hence, the plan managers at Sky Plan are here to make its participants understand how their funding would take place and guide them about the kinds of services that they would receive. 
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For providers:

They ensure to make timely payments to the providers:

The plan managers at Sky Plan Management understand the importance of cash flows to your business and they work closely with its participants to ensure that they are on top of their NDIA budget. They make monthly statements, provide a participant portal to be used as a medium of contact and make regular phone calls with the participants to ensure that their NDIS funds are effectively managed without troubling your peace of mind. 

Hence, with several years of experience of working in NDIS plan management and the disability sector to provide high quality, person centred services that promotes choice and control we at SKY PLAN MANAGEMENT have continued to become your go to NDIS plan managers. 

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