YouTube Premium APK 

 March 4, 2022

You all know about the famous video watching service YouTube, which is spread all around the globe. It contains almost all types of movies, songs, and much more without any cost. But you know there is a premium mod APK of YouTube that provides you with all those interesting features you dream of. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

Background play

One of the best features provided by YouTube Premium APK is the background play. Today, people mostly prefer YouTube instead of MP3. But You can’t listen to the song while using another application or turn off your screen. You always have to on your display, otherwise, the video will be paused automatically. To solve this problem, YouTube provides a Background play feature, that enables you to listen to songs while using other applications too. You can also turn off your screen while using YouTube. To avail of this feature, just download the YouTube premium APK

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No more advertisement

Whenever you play a new video, you have to watch the advertisement first. So annoying! Also when you are watching a video, an ad will come in the middle of a video and disturb you. Again so annoying! But YouTube Premium APK provides you hassle-free advertisement feature. Watch any video, movie, song without getting disturbed by advertisements. You can pay monthly or yearly to enhance the experience.

Dark mode

YouTube premium APK provides you with the dark mode feature. YouTube’s normal version provides you with a white mode feature, which will affect your eyes badly. Dark mode comfort your eyes. 

Audio mode

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If you don’t want to watch the video due to false content, then you can also listen to audio-only. YouTube premium APK provides this mode.

Watch the video in any quality

Data is limited or low? Don’t worry, you can watch the video in any quality you want.  The fun will not stop even on limited data. 

Stop unwanted content

Free YouTube provides all types of videos, movies, funny videos, etc. It does not stop the explicit content. But YouTube premium APK will stop the videos that violate the YouTube policies. 

Watch offline videos

You can download the videos and watch them when you don’t have an internet connection. You can save your favorite videos to watch offline. To download a video, simply choose it and begin viewing it. Now, below the video, click the download option. After you’ve chosen a video quality, the download will begin. When the download is finished, a tick icon will display next to the download button. Your videos will renew after 60 days, so you must have internet after 60 days, otherwise, it will remove automatically. 

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Install YouTube Premium APK?

It is very easy to download and install YouTube Premium APK on your tablet. Just click the link below to download the YouTube Premium APK on your phone and install it. 


You must have an android version greater than 5.0.

Must have 1GB space available.

For non-root devices, MicroG(specially designed to allow apps to install on phones that don’t have Google play services) is a must.

For rooted devices, just download and install the application on your android phone. Sign in and watch the unlimited fun. 


YouTube free version provides you with basic features, but YouTube premium mod APK provides you with all the essential features you need. YouTube Premium will provide you with some additional features at a little cost. You just need to spend 11.99 dollars per month. There are different membership plans for students, families, and single ones. After you get excited with YouTube premium, this cost will not be seen much.

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